atronic cashline manual for slot machines Product information Buy Sell Trade & Repair Slot Machines and Casino Gaming Equipment and. Buy Sell Trade & Repair Slot Machines and Casino Gaming Equipment and Tables – atronic cashline manual for slot machines. Atronic Cashlineâ„¢ Slant Top. Installation Manual. Rev. Rel. February WARNING! This manual is intended to provide QUALIFIED.

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If the player sets a new bet, the remaining cred-its can be played off in normal gameplay. Published on Sep View 59 Download The player panel stays active and the player canplace a new bet.

PC-Setup menu atthe machine. Reconfigure by means of Mainconfig forWindows, then upload new configuration! If transfer has been successful machine will displaycurrent and new altered settings figure 3.

Georgen Telefon Telefax Internet: Perform PC Setup for hardware configuration, if ne-cessary. This manual and More information.

Use only original Atronic parts for replacement. All wins that directly end in a hand pay wins abovethe celebration limit and active credit limit, includ-ing bonus wins that exceed these limitsincludingTop Award wins! Companies, names and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless More information.

If Multi Denomination Featurehas been enabled, meteringmode is set fixed to Extendedmode. Test acceptance with at least 10 coins and readjust, if necessary. It will clear allstatistical data and according to excecution othermachine settings.

Manual Software Basic Setup Atronic Cashline Wbc Rev 2 0

Confirm with “Cash Out” button. Read Before Commissioning The user must ensure that all operators are familiar with this operating manual and follow it at all times. It is part afronic the “Service Menu”, which isdirectly accessible during normal operation. The LED’s on the Masterboard they indicate correct voltages should all be lit.


Otherwise the machine will lock at startup. High Voltage Power cable must be disconnected from the main power socket, before the machine is free from electrical current. If Multi Denomination Feature hasbeen disabled, proceed on page Due toadditional hardware installation, changed handlingrequirements, atronix software or fault correctionby the operator, it might be necessary to re-programthese options by means of PC-Setup.

Worldwide Gaming Inc – Slot Machines & more! – Atronic Cash Line Manual

Set clock and configure further options via MenuSetup to customize the machine according to casi-no requirements.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written. Three different metering modes are available: Verify voltage specifications stated on type plate, before connecting to a main power socket. Set an appropriate max.

Each sin-gle preset can have a different payout percentage value,allowing to assign higher payout percentages to higherdenominations. All settings have been cleared. Replace shipping locks with casino specific locks. Also a floppy disk drive is necessary to read thesetup disk. Each product and program carries a respective written warranty, the only warranty on which the customer can rely. Bill Door Lock Unlocking the bill door to remove validator and stacker without unlocking the main door.


Please keep manual in accessible place. The switching period values in msec are displayed.

Atronic Cash Line Manual

Press center lit button on the button panel to in-itiate data transfer. Bill Validator Switch Removal msnual the validator and stacker is detected by this switch.

The addition of this board provides the following. Service Menu has following options: Technical Support Telephone Numbers.

If any of the values is below 12 msec aatronic Hopper count switch has to be re-adjusted. Any break of rulesstated above resultsin not releasablemachine lock.

Atronic Cashline Titan Cabinet Installation Manual

Cool Creatures Jurisdiction here: If technical assistance is required during normal business hours, please contact your local technical services representative at one of the numbers below. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed. Accepted coinsand bills are multiplied with cashlinee configured in-multiplier.

Security Device is installed on the Master Board, socket U Press Cashout button toconfirm settings or press any other button to refuse and alter settings. This manual and the software and firmware. UV protection glasses shall. Ateonic herein should be construed. Set appropriate number of pay lines according tothe button panel labelling. Run the toplight harness through the opening on top of the top box 1.

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